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Our Story and Call to Action

Sensorum Health was created out of the personal experiences of its founders. We witnessed our loved ones repeatedly going to the hospital for preventable events. We also discovered that providers did not have actionable, real-time information on their patients' health status and lacked resources to intervene with urgent care.

By creating an end-to-end, tech-enabled healthcare services platform, Sensorum stands out from the sea of fragmented, digital-health point-solutions that require significant patient effort, remain disconnected to care delivery, and are not aligned with value-based care.

Preventing avoidable hospitalizations requires more than an IoT device, dashboard, and billing software. 

Our Mission

Improve care quality and reduce the total cost-of-care for seniors with multiple chronic conditions 

Our Vision

Create a world where better proactive and preventative care replaces avoidable trips to the hospital, keeping seniors happy and healthy at-home

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