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Passive remote patient monitoring to identify risk, manage chronic disease exacerbations at home, and reduce hospitalizations and ER visits

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to proactively identify and de-escalate chronic disease exacerbations in the home days before a visit to the ER

Our vision is a world where seniors affected by chronic disease live healthy lives and stay out of the hospital


The Sensorum Health Difference

Senior Caregiver

24-hr Passive Monitoring

Sensorum’s fully passive sensor network is professionally installed by our clinically-trained staff, eliminating the need for member engagement or set-up

Medical Worker

AI-Powered Individualized Risk Assessment

Proprietary AI methods identify and flag members with increased hospitalization risk in real time by analyzing deviations from a member’s personal, baseline activity patterns

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Full Spectrum At-Home De-Escalation

Sensorum performs remote triage, coordinates with member’s existing care team, and provides  appropriate clinical intervention in the home to de-escalate member’s elevated risk of hospitalization

Sensorum partners with complex-care providers and risk-bearing entities to develop clinical protocols and intervention processes best suited for each partner’s preferences and objectives




About Us

A Multi-Disciplinary Team to Solve a Complex Problem

Sensorum Health is powered by a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds in Emergency Medicine; Healthcare Technology, Providers, and Payors; Population Health and Care Management; Artificial Intelligence Research; and U.S. Special Operations

Sensorum Health is Veteran Owned and Operated 🇺🇸

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