We partner with your doctor to keep you out of the hospital and healthy at home.

24/7 monitoring

Dedicated clinical team

$0 additional cost

Common events managed by Sensorum

COPD exacerbation

CHF exacerbation


Urinary tract infection


+ More

No setup or maintenance required.

Sensorum’s specially-trained staff install and maintain all aspects of our system, so you can continue living your life as normal.

Each system is configured for you and your health journey.

You do not need to wear anything, and we don’t drill into your walls.

Does not require a smartphone or WiFi connection.

24/7 real-time monitoring.

Sensorum’s passive monitoring system helps our nurses identify changes in your routine that might indicate you are starting to get sick.

Dedicated "nurse-in-the-loop" triage.

Our specially-trained nurses will call you directly if they identify changes that are clinically-concerning, and determine next steps.

Tailored clinical interventions.

Sensorum’s nurses work with you and your doctor to determine the appropriate clinical intervention to prevent a trip to the ER. This could be in the form of an at-home primary care visit or transportation to your doctor’s office for a same or next-day appointment- all coordinated by the Sensorum nurse team.

Data is shared in-real time with your doctor and authorized caregivers to close the loop.

How it works


Your doctor connects you with a Sensorum enrollment specialist


We schedule a convenient time to install our equipment in your home


After system calibration, our nurses are on the lookout for indications you might be getting sick

If we notice clinically-concerning behavior changes, we will give you a call and work with your doctor to deliver treatment–outside of the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a home health aid who visits every day to make my food in the morning- is that a problem?

Our proprietary analytics are designed to differentiate the activities of multi-occupant homes.

I live with other persons- how will you be able to tell the difference between my activities and my spouse's?

Our proprietary analytics are designed to differentiate the activities of multi-occupant homes. Our nurses are able to accurately monitor patients in multi-occupant homes.

What happens if I fall? Can you immediately detect that?

No, Sensorum’s service is currently designed for our nurses to detect the early onset of illness. We are developing solutions for fall detection.

What should I expect when Sensorum shows up at my house?

Our installation specialists will arrive on-time and with proper identification. They will ask you to provide a walk through of your home–specifically your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room– to provide a better understanding of where to place our devices. Device placement should take about 30 minutes. Our specialists will do their best to answer any questions you may have before leaving, and we will also provide a 24/7 contact number to answer any other questions that might come up.

How much does it cost?

The Sensorum platform is zero-cost to patients, and we will never send you a bill. Patients could still be subject to standard co-pays associated with their existing insurance plan