Frequently Asked Questions

My staff and I have built strong relationships with our patients and earned their trust over many years in some cases. How does Sensorum ensure this trust is maintained?

Enabling primary care is our mission. We work with you and your staff to ensure all patient-facing communications are approved prior to implementation.

Do you integrate with our EMR?

We have solutions to share data securely via both EMR or other preferred methods.

How do you integrate with my staff?

Our clinical operations team works with you to configure a workflow that is both effective at sharing information and low-burden.

What clinical evidence supports Sensorum’s approach?

Please see the “Latest Updates” section to review select publications.

What is Sensorum’s inclusion criteria?

We monitor Medicare-eligible patients who are at highest risk of going to the hospital for avoidable reasons. Most have at least one chronic condition and have been to the hospital at least twice in the past twelve (12) months.

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